'Hercules' 1920s/ 1930s drop-front automobile trunk


'Hercules' 1920s/ 1930s drop-front automobile trunk

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Late 1920s/ early 1930s 'Hercules' drop front automobile trunk in black leatherette. The makers name plate is visible on one end as 'Hercules motor trunks'. The trunk has had replacement side handles in antique leather, so is fully functional and the front drops open for the storage of cases within the trunk (a lip either side of the interior denoting that it once housed two large cases). There is no key with this trunk, however, the locks both close and fasten securely. The measurements of the trunk are 77cm in length, 45cm width at the top, 47cm width at the bottom, 48cm in height at the back and 46cm in height at the front.

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